Minimal Pair List Consonants /ʧ/ versus null, 217 pairs

   Minimal pair: Consonants /ʧ/ versus null, 217 pairs

The /ʧ/ sound is spelled with <ch> or <tch>.

As /ʧ/ is fairly rare, only occurring in 2639 words in the dictionary, this was an easy list to work out manually. The contrast is not a source of difficulty.

The density value is 8.2%. The list makes 154 semantic distinctions, a loading of 71%.

arch are
avouch avow
  avouched avowed
  avouching avowing
beach be
beach bee
belch bell  
  belched belled
  belching vbelling
bench Ben
birch burr
bitched bit
bleached bleat
bortsch bore
bunch bun
capture capper
  captures cappers	 
Chad ad
chair air
  chairs airs
chair heir
  chairs heirs
chair e'er
chair ere
chair Ayr
chairman airman
  chairmen airmen
chalice Alice
chalk auk
  chalks auks
champ amp
  champs amps
channel annal
  channels annals
chant aunt
  chants aunts
chap app
  chaps apps
chapel apple
  chapels apples
chaplet applet
  chaplets applets
chapter apter
char are
char R
  chars R's
charm arm
  charms arms
  charmed armed
  charming arming
chart art
  charts arts
Chartist artist
  Chartists artists
chary airy                            
  charily airily
chase ace
  chases aces
  chased aced
  chasing acing
chaste aced
chat at
chaw awe
  chaws awes
  chawing awing
  chawed awed
chaw or
chaw ore
  chaws ores
cheat eat
  cheats eats
  cheating eating
cheek eke
  cheeks ekes
cheer ear
  cheers ears       
cheery eery
  cheerily eerily
cheerless earless
cheese ease
  cheeses eases
cheetah eater
chess S
chew Ooh
chide eyed
chill ill
  chills ills
chimp imp
  chimps imps
chin in
chin inn
  chins inns
chink ink
  chinks inks
chit it
choke oak
  chokes oaks
choose ooze
  chooses oozes
  choosing oozing
choosy oozy
chose owes
chop op
  chops ops
chore awe
  chores awes
chore or
chore ore
  chores ores
chow ow
churl earl
  churls earls
cinch sin
coach co
coached coat
conch con
couch cow
  couched cowed
  couching cowing
crouched kraut                          
etched ate
filch fill
  filching filling
  filched filled
finch fin
future fewer
grouched grout
gulch gull
Harwich Harry
hatched hat
haunch horn
hitched hit
HM a.m.  
hooch who
inch in
inch inn
itched it
latchkey lackey
  latchkeys lackeys
leach lea
leach lee
leached leat
leech lea
leech lee
lynched lint
march mar
marched mart
matched mat
mixture mixer
  mixtures mixers
mooch moo
mooched moot
mulch mull
  mulching mulling        
niche knee
notched not
parch par
parched part
pasture passer
patched pat
paunch porn
peach P
peach pea
peach pee 
  peaching peeing
peached peat
peached Pete
perch per
perch purr
perched pert
picture picker
  pictures pickers
  picturing Pickering
pinch pin
  pinching pinning
pitched pit
pleach plea
porch paw
porch pore
porch pour
pouched pout
preach pre
punch pun
punched punt
rapture rapper
  raptures rappers	
roach roe  
roach row
scorch score
  scorched scored
scorcher scorer
  scorchers scorers
scotched Scot
screech scree
slouch slough
starch star
starched start
teach tea
teach tee
  teaching teeing
tench ten
torch tore
trenched Trent
twitched twit
unhitched unhit
vouch vow
  vouched vowed
watched watt
watched what	
wench wen
wenched went
winch win
  winching winning
winches whinnies
wrench wren