Minimal Pair List Consonants /n/ versus /j/, 57 pairs

   Minimal pair: Consonants /n/ versus /j/, 57 pairs

The /n/ sound is spelled with <n>, <kn> or <gn> in gnu . The /j/ sound is spelled with <y> , and occurs in the letter name U .

This is a contrast between a nasal continuant and a palatal semivowel, both in the alveolar region and both voiced. It can only occur initially or medially. It is not a problem.

The mean density value is low at 0.4%. The lists make 32 semantic distinctions, a loading of 57%.

gnaw yaw
  gnawed yawed
  gnawing yawing
  gnaws yaws   
gnaw yore
gnaw your  
  gnaws yours  
gnu yew
  gnus yews
gnu you
gnus use  
knack yak
  knacks yaks
knap yap
  knapped yapped
  knapping yapping
  knaps yaps
knee ye
kneeled yield
knell yell
  knells yells
knob yob
  knobs yobs
knot yacht
  knotted yachted
  knotting yachting
  knots yachts
nap yap
  napped yapped
  napping yapping
  naps yaps
nay yea
née yea
narrow yarrow
  narrows yarrows
near year
  nears years
neigh yea
  neighs yeas
Nell yell
ness yes
  nesses yeses
net yet
new U
news U's
nippy yippee
noose use
  noosed used
  nooses uses
nor yaw
nor yore
nor your
not yacht
snood pseud 
  snoods pseuds 
snood sued  
snooze sues