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English voice pronunciation checker online

Our speech recognition technology for language learning recognizes the words you say and the color system allows you to know exactly where you need to improve your pronunciation skills.

In addition, you can check your progress at any time in the stats panel. We are developing world-class speech recognition technology specially designed for assessing pronunciation and fluency.

Pronunciation is the key to learning a new language as it leads to better communication. Free online English voice pronunciation exercise English Phonetics System integrates speech recognition for the most complete and reliable language learning and pronunciation scoring systems on the market.

The method provides language immersion, which makes language learning much easier and more efficient. Students learn a language by speaking like a native speaker and learn in a personalized way from 0 to 100% of scale.

Our vision is to be able to achieve speaking practice and improvement without intensive one-on-one tuition. Our technology provides targeted and immediate error feedback. This helps learners listen, see mistakes, encourage and motivate them to try again.

You deserve to go further with incredible pronunciation! English Phonetics speeds up your english accent reduction process.