5 Ways to Improve Your Written English


Some suggestions that will help you improve your writing. By following these simple points, you can enhance your spelling accuracy and learn about English writing style and word order.

So, you are in the right place; it does not matter what purpose you need to improve your writing skills.

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Ready to start improving your writing skills immediately? So, let us go!

1 - Reading

Not everyone understands how important it is to read for the quality and the acquire proficient writing. Think about how a child is learning his native language. Before speaking his first word, he listens for months to see what his parents and relatives have to say. Just as listening helps develop speech skills, reading helps in improving writing.

The two ways on which learning a new language is based are observation and repetition. So, as you read, pay attention to the writing style of the author, how his thoughts are skillfully formed in sentences.

As a sentence, one after the other flows smoothly into paragraphs. A writer, like an artist, makes his picture. Not just with paint but by words. The more you read, the better you will copy. So, a true writer always has a vast library. Collect books. Identify for yourself the styles you like to read and build your own based on them.

Write a few lines about a particular subject. Then, determine the period during which you will read a lot and rewrite the same topic. You will wonder how much the level of writing has changed in style.

Game of Thrones author George Martin once said: "Readers live a thousand lives before they die. A person who never reads experiences only one thing. "

Selection of books in English for beginners:

1." James and the Giant Peach" by Ronald Dahl: This book is about a little boy who adventures inside a giant peach, and his wicked Aunt escapes.

2. By "Number the Stars" Lois Lori: This book is about a young Danish girl who decides to save her Jewish friend during World War II (b) if so, the number

3." Sir. Popper's Penguin " By Richard Atwater: This is the funny story of a man who suddenly has a house full of penguins!

4."Hole" by Louis Sachar: This is another thoughtful, funny book. It is about a boy in a detention center where everyone must dig a hole every day.

5."My Side of the Mountain" by Jean Craighead George: Every young man who read this book dreamt of going into the forest and living in nature. It is a classic adventure story.

2 – Start to write even if you do not feel capable of doing it

Yes, reading will lay a good foundation, but just reading will not improve your writing. What should I write?

Start your blog if you like blogging. You can write anything. Share your favorite books and movies, recipes, reviews about your trip. Do you like novels or science fiction? Why don't you write your piece? It is not a masterpiece, but it will be an excellent practice.

Do you like science? Could you do your research and write about it?

You must be wondering what you are doing should be perfect? Not necessary. This is how you express yourself. If you make mistakes, you are at least doing something. And remember, negative experiences are also experienced.

3 - Keep a diary

If you do not want to share your recording with anyone, there is a solution for you. Keep a personal magazine. Make it a habit to write two lines in a notebook for at least 10 minutes every day.

You can do it every night and write on paper what you have done and what you have achieved today. Then, you can do it in the morning - plan and set targets for the entire day.

Overall, it is not so important what you write, how important it is to write what you write. Yes, it can be strange, uncomfortable at first, and it is okay. We assure you that it will be easy every time.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, and they are not formed only by what does nothing.

4 - Online Chat

There are many resources on the Internet where you can find one interlocutor and more than one.

- Services for learning English:

There you can ask a question, have some interesting discussions, share your thoughts. It will be an outstanding practice with a guaranteed response.

- Internet community: A real-life as an option where you can share your experience or what you experienced during the day.

- Special forum. Such forums are available for all: cooks, passengers, cycling enthusiasts, movie watchers, gamers. Based on your professional or entertainment preferences, you can find like-minded people and practice writing in English.

5 - Find a friend to exchange lettersc

A friend is one with whom you exchange letters regularly. You can do it both online and in regular mail mode. However, keep in mind that the second type of correspondence will be slow. Although this is an old-fashioned way, you should admit that holding an envelope in your hands is romantic.

We recommend that you focus your attention on two resources that will help you find a friend where you will exchange letters:

Pen pal World



Apart from formally improving your English writing skills, it can be an excellent opportunity to make friends all over the world. So try it, and you will like it.

6 - Act!

Do not stop typing your first letter in the backbox and start now.

In comments, you can write:

- Why do I want to improve my written English;

- What method will you use today to improve your written English?

Write about whatever method you choose. Be open to feedback, read a lot, write daily, write a lot, make mistakes and learn from them. Do not hang on to grammar. Develop the habit of writing first and then improve it.

And very soon, you will see that your written speech has reached not only a new, prominent level but also your oral speech.