The Ultimate List of Resources to improve English pronunciation


Language is originally a means of communication between humans. Communication is primarily through speaking and listening before it is through writing and reading; what is the point when you know a lot of rules and memorize a lot of English words (some of which may be wrong pronunciation). What the use in that is. You cannot go out with this language to the world and communicate with humans through it. It may help you read some articles and gain some knowledge, but it will not be an effective language of communication one day.

I will give you in this article the most important practical advice stemming from my previous experience in the journey of learning the English language.

1 - Use correct pronunciation sources

In the beginning and before getting into the details, I will list here the most important sources through which you can make sure that any word is pronounced accurately and correctly. These sources should be your companion on your journey towards mastering the English language:

2 - Google Translate

I'll start with this tool; although it is not always accurate in the matter of pronunciation, it is fast and available online and via mobile applications, and it is also possible to listen to the whole sentence through this helpful translator:

3 - Oxford Dictionary

The Oxford Learners Dictionary is a website (and smartphone applications) that provides a service for translating English words into the English language itself, but in a simplified way, supported by examples, and has many advantages that we discussed in a previous article. One of the most important features is to provide accurate pronunciation And pronunciation with both American and British accents. You will also find the pronunciation of verbs with their other inflections.

Experienced advice, never leave this dictionary during your educational journey; make it the first source to learn the pronunciation of words because it is one of the best, if not the best, services in providing the correct pronunciation.

The official website is free for everyone. However, there are also two types of applications for this dictionary, the paid application, which does not require the Internet and comes without ads. The other free application only opens the site directly and requires the Internet.

4 - Automatic speech recognition in smartphones

The text-to-speech feature is one of the essential features it provides in smartphones for everyone who learns the English language. For example, you can hear the pronunciation of any word you translate in the previous Google Translate application even if you are not connected to the Internet. Still, use the Anki application that helps you In reviewing words daily. You will activate the automatic pronunciation feature for each word you study, so you check the meaning and pronunciation simultaneously every day.

You can use Google Text-to-speech and then download the English pronunciation package (British or American) to work automatically in the applications that support the pronunciation. Alternatively, you can use the following web app Platform.

5 - Google Text to speech app for Android

But suppose you want to know the sound of each word in different dialects, not only American and British, and from the mouths of real people who speak English or any other language. In that case, you should use the English Phonetics site, which is a web app for pronunciation between languages. Ordinary people are the ones who contribute to spreading the pronunciation of the Accent.

The different words, not limited to the English language, but many languages, including Arabic; if you want to hear the pronunciation of the word precisely as the indigenous people pronounce it, then you should visit this site:

Golden tips for acquiring English pronunciation

The tips and methods are arranged in order of importance, the most important first. However, before I start listing the tips, I must warn you that these activities require continuing day after day, month after month, not activities you do once and leave. So this is the case of acquiring another language in general.

6 - Try to remember the pronunciation actively

We refer here to every new word that you encounter on your journey while learning the English language. When you want to memorize a word, always try to learn the correct pronunciation.

I advise you always to use the Oxford Dictionary because it provides the best pronunciation, and then listen to the pronunciation of the word more than once with focus and try to repeat it.

In the past, a small note and pen were used to record new words, but today there are more beneficial applications that make writing down new words more manageable and reviewing them. You can use Anki programs and applications, and always before you add any comment.


Of course, what I'm trying to say here may sound a little vague initially, but this is a very important tip. An essential part is to be able to remember what you have just learned.

To do so, I recommend you start actively learning the English language, not just passively. So, first of all, let's think about the active way you are saying to your brain if you want to remember that thing and that it is important.

Our brain is wired to learn the important things, and the things which are not important do not receive the important attention meaning that eventually, they will lose in our minds.

In English pronunciation, if you do not try to learn actively, your mind will forget the correct pronunciation. Therefore, I recommend using English phonetics as it shows you, in real-time, the new words and how you can remember them more effectively.