10 tips to improve your English listening skills


1 – Have an English teacher at home.

Teachers are concerned with speaking more accurately and know techniques to help your learning. The more this teacher talks, the more you improve your listening. If you can't afford to have an American or English teacher, for example, listen to their work. As a suggestion, listen to the podcasts.

2 – Watch videos of English classes.

Some students are not content to listen to MP3s. They also like to see the lesson progress on the board. According to these students, the images produced by the teachers help to fix the content.

3 – Listen to songs in English.

Most students love listening to music to improve their listening in English. However, be aware that singers extend or shorten words to fit the song's rhythm. Because of this, even natives find it difficult to understand the lyrics; worse, some think they heard one thing, but actually, the singers said something else.

So, to avoid comprehension problems, I listen to the song accompanied by its lyrics.

4 – Listen to the radio in English.

On the radio, you have the opportunity to hear the natural intonation and rhythm of the English language. For example, while surfing the internet, turn on the BBC radio to listen to current affairs. Read newspapers that deal with the subjects discussed in the radio's programming to improve listening to what is said. For example, BBC radio almost always announces what the next story will be 20 minutes in advance.

5 – Watch movies in English with English subtitles.

For those who can only watch movies with subtitles written in their native tongue, I remind you that we neglect what the actors say because our attention is focused on reading. If we continue with this method, we will never increase our English vocabulary and listening comprehension.

To evolve in the English language, see the film with English subtitles. That way, you can see the actors pronouncing what is written. To increase your understanding, watch the movies with your native language subtitles for the first few minutes to understand what motivates the characters. Then switch to English subtitles.

6 – Watch movies with English subtitles.

When you see Brazilian idioms subtitled in English, you will be surprised and amused. Furthermore, when some foreign friend is by your side, you will be able to portray your world in English with great ease. Mastering the vocabulary of specific subjects helps a lot in listening.

7 – Watch the same movie several times.

In addition to saving you money, you'll consolidate English vocabulary and expressions in your brain. And some idioms that went unnoticed the first time are noticed with repetition. By the way, repetition is an essential tool in learning any subject.

8 – Watch programs and movies for children.

In these color-rich materials, vocabulary is simple and repeated over and over to help children learn quickly. There are cute songs that also help in learning. See, for example, how to understand the English alphabet with music.

9 – Listen to MP3 audiobooks.

You can download and listen to the classics of universal literature in English for free. Literature is the highest point of any language. Through literature, you gain experience, foresee the future and see a language in all its splendor.

10 – Listen to MP3 on various subjects.

To be able to express yourself in English on any topic, listen to MP3s on multiple issues. The free MP3s produced by BBC (6 Minute English) and ABC from Australia (Podcasts by subject), and Scientific American (Science Talk) are excellent.