Professional Advantages of learning English as a second language


I want to talk today to beginners, and those who have not yet reached fluency in English, to tell them that many benefits await them if they master this language. But, of course, the word "master" here is metaphorical because no one can master the language in its totality 100%.

What is meant is proficiency, that is, to reach a stage where they can devour all necessary communications skills to acquire content and absorb it. Thus, a new phase of pleasure and benefit will begin. The English language will become a source of happiness, not a source of misery. The suffering they experienced as they made their way in the beginning levels will turn into prosperity, self-confidence, and determination to achieve goals and be successful in life.

With every rich episode of the podcast, I would contemplate the amount of precious information and experience extracted from human minds and then say that this precious content is available for free to anyone with a smartphone or an internet connection. Still, there is a great barrier and obstacle for non-English speakers. Only those who have reached an advanced stage in the language will benefit from this huge content that enables them to listen and comprehend. But fortunately, everyone can overcome this obstacle, and the method used is through technology and the digital world.

So why leave behind the opportunities? So many prizes are awaiting you, and there is a bright future to build a better life and leave a greater impact, so go ahead. The opportunity is still available. Following are listed the most powerful benefits of learning a second language.

1 - Scholarship Award

Getting a scholarship is something that could change your life. I know what I'm saying because I tried it myself. I got a government scholarship to study for a baccalaureate and then a master's degree in Arab countries. It was an experience that affected my life a lot and contributed to creating my personality and the knowledge that you will gain. Because you will be free in the country of study, you will not be concerned with your research or personal expenses. Everything is provided for you to achieve and be creative in your field and specialization.

Today we live in a small world. Through the Internet, you access all the opportunities you dream about and those you did not dream of before. You will find many options and grants in countries such as Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Britain, and many others. As for you, it will be a milestone and a new beginning in your life that may make you another human being.

However, the common thing in most of these scholarships is their requirement to master the language and obtain a high score in the IELTS or TOEFL test. Therefore, in addition to your previous academic excellence, your level must be advanced to get a high score in IELTS. It is not enough to prepare for the test or to learn its tactics.

On the other hand, if your level is low, all preparation efforts will not succeed. You must first develop your language and then allocate a month to prepare for the test through courses or books, sites, and resources, and then enter the test.

Among the famous scholarships: the famous American "Fulbright" scholarship for master's or doctoral studies (required IELTS score: 6.5), also the British "Chevening" scholarship to complete study in multiple fields (required score: 6.5), and not forgetting the "Endeavour" scholarship from the Australian government, which It gives you AUD 3,000 as a monthly stipend plus additional travel, settlement, and other benefits. Governments provide many different grants, universities, educational institutions, and the list goes on.

Additionally, obtaining an English proficiency certificate is one of the elements required to apply for scholarships. But there are other elements, the most important of which are your grades, and some require a research plan (for a master's or doctorate) and other conditions that differ from one scholarship to another.

2 - Podcast Award

Let me use the word "immersion" instead of "listening" because as soon as you enter this sea until you drown in it. Suppose you are far from the world of foreign podcasts. In that case, you will be surprised by the amount of audio content published daily and weekly in various fields, and you will be impressed by the quality, abundance, and usefulness. Of course, the content is available in English, but the language problem remains, and in fact, it is your problem and not theirs.

Some podcasts are presented with a high level of professionalism, studios, preparation crews, and specialized guests to produce - in the end - an audio piece that represents a rich capsule of knowledge that reaches you.

Some podcasts specialize in receiving hosts from experts, from whom you listen to a summary of their experiences. As a result, you get benefits from them that you may not find in the books.

The world of podcasts is a sea full of treasures that tempt you to discover them every day. The beautiful thing is that they are treasures in unclosed boxes, open to anyone who can dive and reach them, and the diving gear required is only the English language.

3 - Professional Translator Award

This award you get money from, and maybe a lot of money if you master the craft and find the work, but how is that? By providing translation services, working as a translator between your native language and English is a wide door that can become your primary source of income and generate a lot of money for you. Most of all, it is free to work that you do from inside your bedroom, no need to go anywhere. You will work from home and receive your cash at the end of each month.

You can provide translation services through many websites. There are dozens of Arab youth who earn hundreds of dollars by providing translation services. You provide your assistance starting from $5 or more and making money from your home.

You can also search for translation projects on an independent site and then submit your offers in them to work remotely. But, of course, it is preferable to have a balance of experience and previous projects to gain customers' trust.

Some sites specialize in providing professional translation services, and these sites and platforms employ translators from different languages, and you can apply for them and work with them.

4 - Watch real videos in English

I don't know if you are a fan of movies or a hater of them. However, even if you avoid them because of their legal prohibitions, there are still beautiful types of films that entertain young people before adults. They are animated films, and some documentaries bring you knowledge. In general, cinema today has become one of the important means of change at the level of individuals and people, whether for better or worse.

Of course, there are films in multiple languages, but the English language remains the one that makes the leader in film production. Therefore, to watch and enjoy those films, you must either be proficient in English or watch movies with subtitles.

Watching movies with subtitles makes you lose half the fun and excitement because you focus on reading texts and watching the visual image. You will not realize the actual difference until you reach an advanced level and watch movies without subtitles.

Another thing is that you will watch movies without an intermediary who translates the content for you according to its expressions and method. No matter how accurate the translation is, you will not be able to convey the actual meaning of every phrase, every sentence, every scene, and every shot. And his magic.

5 - English is the universal language of science

Imagine that you want to learn a new language other than English, and suppose it is Norwegian. For example, to start your journey with this new language, you need some lessons and educational content simplified and presented in your mother tongue.

Still, unfortunately, you will find that the resources are few and the lessons are scarce. In contrast, you will find many resources and lessons provided in English and directed to English speakers; either you regret your luck and stay in your place, or you have the English language to go from to learn any other language.

The English language is a mediator between languages. So if you want to learn any other language, my advice to you and anyone is to master the English language first, and then start from it to learn any different language. It will be much easier than starting from your native language.

The English language occupies the first place to produce the educational content published on the Internet, whether on YouTube or educational sites and applications. In addition, you will find many free and other free resources to learn a wide range of languages.

Note: Here, we do not underestimate your native language.

6 - Self Learning

The "scholarship" was the most important motivator in my orientation towards the English language in previous years. Still, there was another motivator that had been burning in my chest for many years. I got to know a pioneer website, an educational platform that offered free courses, including a professional course in web programming. So naturally, I was attracted to that course, but unfortunately, I hit a hard barrier. It is the same barrier you may have been hit by previously or are still standing; it is the English language barrier.

Here I am not talking about content in the general or textual content. That was the focus of a previous paragraph. Instead, I am talking about visual educational content in particular, and the simplest example of this: the YouTube platform, the most significant benefit from it is not in entertainment. Still, the most important is free education.

It is in the fact that it is a medium in which people with experience and skill are published and in which the learner receives knowledge for free. Because it is possible to earn money from videos and channels, YouTube has become the first destination for educational content makers.

You may find specialized and other courses and rich educational content that was impossible to see years ago. But, for free, and today it is available to anyone in the world. But, of course, it is not available to everyone but to those who have the English language.