Simple and effective ways you can do to improve your English


People worldwide want to improve their English proficiency, and there can be many reasons for this: business, enjoyment, going to an English-speaking country. You may often feel that no progress has been made during the learning process, but it is not difficult to overcome. A little challenging work, and very soon, you will speak like a native speaker.

Paste labels on household items

Take a packet of stickers and start pasting items with labels with English names. Even if you already know something, do it anyway. Just thinking about these topics in English "first" and then in your native language will speed up the learning process. Also, it is not difficult at all, and you will feel progress very soon.

Try to ensure that you do not hesitate to think about subjects in English. Sit in bed and mentally look at all the labels in the house. If you do not remember anything, get up and see. Once you reach that level, label the rest! Complicate words: "Window" to "Window Pen", "Couch" to "Cushion", "Shirt", from", T-Shirt" to "Cotton Blouse" ("Cotton Blouse") Up to. English always has the next level.

Write it down in a notebook

In everyday life, you may know about English words considered incomplete. Next time, take out your notebook or notebook and write it down. Check the word that is not understood in the dictionary when you come home. Instead of swearing: "Hey, how was that word on the menu?" you open the desired page and remember the unfamiliar word.

If the notebook looks old-fashioned to you, use your smartphone. Start taking notes (or whatever app you want to use) for new English words. Go back to the words recorded from time to time and check yourself.

Surround yourself with people who speak English

If a friend of yours speaks good English, spend more time with him! Invite them to dinner and dedicate yourself to English for a few hours. Then, find a teacher and work personally. Participate in a language exchange program where you will teach your language and be taught English. Join as much as you can!

In short, all this boils over to the fact that you should avoid using your native language as much as possible for possible complete language immersion. But, of course, when you come home, you want to relax on the couch and watch a movie in your native language, with friends on it.

Do not do that! If you want to improve your English, be available for at least an hour of language every evening. Watch TV in English, listen to the radio in English, let everything happen in English if possible.

Read children's magazines and books

They are fun, usually with many short articles or simple stories, and focus on diverse topics (science, literature, self-development). Let us do it.

But more importantly, they are beautifully illustrated. With the help of pictures, you will understand the meaning of many words without resorting to any dictionary. As a result, you will read faster, and the process will be more entertaining!