A Practical Guide to practice English pronunciation


If you are that English language learner who is always trying to learn, who studies alone, and wants to be fluent, this text is for you! Or, if you are already studying English at a language school or with a private teacher and still don't practice your speaking outside the classroom, these tips are also for you!

Speaking is one of the skills that theoretically, we would need someone else to practice. Yes and no. Suppose it is possible to practice with someone other than your teacher, or even with other people, whether native English speaker or not, it will be excellent for you to achieve the desired fluency!

However, if you don't know anyone yet, don't have a bilingual friend to exchange ideas with, or if you want to feel more confident before starting the conversation, I'll give you three simple tips to get you started now! So let's go!

Speak to yourself in English, out loud

Think about the tasks you have to do or the activities you have done during the day. Then, talk to yourself when you're alone at home, in the shower (shower talk!), or commuting. Please, don't feel so awkward talking to yourself. Everyone talks to themselves at some point in their life.

Go in front of the mirror, reproduce a few sentences and words (especially the ones you find difficult to pronounce) and observe the movement of your lips, tongue, and jaw. Make sure you are pronouncing correctly and making the right moves.

Sound like a native English speaker with voice recordings

Record yourself speaking English, a little text, or loose sentences, then watch/listen and see your evolution week after week. Please don't be embarrassed; it can be weird the first few times you see/hear yourself, but rest assured, the more you do it, the more natural it will be. And remember, you don't have to show it to anyone.

However, showing it to the teacher (if you study at school/with a private teacher) or a friend who already speaks English and asking for feedback will undoubtedly help you identify the points that should be improved, such as pronunciation mistakes.

Practicing a little bit every day makes all the difference! So start practicing now and, as soon as possible, find a partner willing to talk, exchange experiences! There are several platforms and groups on social media full of people interested in practicing speech, just like you! So let's get started. See you guys in the next post! Take care!