6 Methods for Busy People Learn English


Some people cannot bring themselves to learn English, even if they need it for work, travel. So they insist as much as possible, complaining to others that there is no time, space, or money to study.

Or there is no desire, not enough motivation? What if you need to master the language, but there is no desire for it? Then, we recommend you read our article "how learning English changes your life," you want to make your life a little better.

And to make these changes more accessible, let us try to convert learning English into a humble daily ritual that does not take much time and money.

By leaving the phrase "I don't have time," you will feel that you have time for whatever you want to do in life. Therefore, we invite you to take advantage of our learning tips. The proposed practical activities will fit your day harmoniously, take the least time and help improve your language skills. You can choose the most convenient and exciting tips for yourself or use them all together.

1. Set a clear plan

We put this crucial point first. No matter how good advice you get, it will not work if you do not have a goal and a plan for yourself. Mark in your diary how many hours you will spend in English per week.

Distribute the study time equally, and it is enough to practice 30-60 minutes per day to realize the progress. But before that, write down a clear, achievable goal. Then, read again at least once a day what and why you want to achieve what you should meet the time limits.

Do not forget, dreams come true!

Time spent: You will spend about 20-30 minutes setting goals and planning.

2. Passive Listening

Does it take time to go to work? Why not spend it profitable? If you are not excited to talk in transportation with unfamiliar passengers and discuss politics and market prices, your focus is to learn by listening.

Download English songs, podcasts, or audio text in your gadget, turn them on when you want to separate yourself from the outside world.

Time spent: You will not spend a minute on training, only 10-15 minutes downloading files. So the method is suitable for the busiest people. And so that you do not waste time looking for the files you need, we've had five best sites for you with "audio recordings" and " 6 sites with podcasts in English have been well selected.

3. Daily Entries

Do you have a diary? Well, you are used to making notes in it. You can continue but in English. When you plan the next day, try to write a lot more in detail. If you are just starting to learn a language, make it list the nouns you know. You can make a sentence of "continued." In addition, make a shopping list, write recipes and write all kinds of tips in English.

Time spent: In fact, you are not wasting your time; everyday things are in English. However, if you want to strengthen your knowledge and increase your vocabulary, you can use 1-2 new words per day. You may try to do it. You will spend just a few minutes working with the dictionary.

4. Change the language of all your devices

Change the system language of your computer, mobile phone, tablet. This will help you learn a small but unbelievably valuable group of words. For example, when we wake up every morning when the alarm clock rings on our mobile, we will now strongly remember that the alarm clock is the alarm clock.

Time spent it will take 2-3 minutes to change the settings of the gadget. After that, you will automatically learn new words. This time is a terrific way for people who do not like to play new vocabulary. However, this allows you to master only a narrow group of words.

5. Get Funny apps or tutorials

Some fun is good to learn English, play more often! Hundreds of free apps and programs for language learners. They train memory, expand vocabulary, teach pronunciation and spelling. And it is all in an easy, playful way! You will not notice how you will join the game and spend more time doing interesting and valuable activities.

Time spent: 10 minutes. In selecting the 28 best apps to learn English for Android and iPhone, you can quickly find valuable programs for your gadget.

6. Events in the world

Each of us watches the news at least once a day. If your current level of knowledge allows you, look at them in English. It would be interesting to know the foreign media's view on a particular issue. Do you think they have been politicized too much, Americanized, or even lying? This is not the reason to give up BBC idea during breakfast. You need to know what they are planning abroad!

Time spent: Watch events in English during breakfast or dinner to not waste time watching TV. Then, spend a few minutes choosing a site convenient for you from our article "5 Best Sites Where You Can See News in English".