Minimal Pair List Vowels 2 and 14, / ɪ / versus / aɪ / 296 pairs

   Minimal pair: Vowels 2 and 14, / ɪ / versus / aɪ / 296 pairs

Several pairs arise by contrasting an -es or -ies plural with an -ise or -ize verb derivation, as in colonies/colonize . This list includes the homographs live and wind . The homograph gill turns up in two pairs, gill/guile and gills/Giles . The pair Carolyn/Caroline is of doubtful status since the pronunciation / `kærəlɪn / could be used with either spelling. The pair skillet/skylight is not strictly minimal since the contrast is made twice, but I have left it in.

Most learners will not find this distinction a problem, though mishearings can occur even among native speakers where it occurs in unstressed syllables, as in the apologies/apologize pattern. There may also be spelling-induced errors in words like privet and twilight .

The only pair involving taboo words is tits/tights . Interesting pairs include:

Britain brighten
faucet foresight
hilly highly
privet private
tittle title

The mean density is 1.3%. The list makes 167 semantic contrasts giving a loading of 56%.

Ali ally 
alley ally
  alleys allies
apologies apologize
apostrophes apostrophize
backbit backbite
backslid backslide
bestrid bestride
bid bide
  bidding biding
  bids bides 
bill bile
bin bine
  bins bines 
bit bight 
  bits bites
biz buys
blitz blights 
Brit bright
Britain Brighton 
Briton Brighton
Briton brighten
  Britons brightens
Carolyn Caroline 
categories categorize
chid chide
chilled child 
chin chine
  chins chines 
colonies colonize
deputies deputize
Dick dike
did died
dim dime
  dims dimes 
din dine
  dinned dined 
  dinner diner 
  dinners diners 
  dinning dining 
  dins dines 
economies economize
epitomes epitomize
eulogies eulogize
factories factorize
faucet foresight
fibber fibre
  fibbers fibres
fill file 
  filled filed 
  filling filing 
  fillings filings 
  fills files 
Finn fine
  Finns fines
fin fine
  fins fines  
fit fight 
  fits fights 
  fitter fighter 
  fitters fighters 
  fitting fighting 
flit flight 
  flits flights 
  flitted flighted 
  flitting flighting 
floodlit floodlight 
frizz fries 
gill guile
gills Giles 
grim grime
grinned grind 	  
grip gripe
  grips gripes 
harmonies harmonize
hick hike
  hicks hikes
hid hide
hilly highly 
hippo hypo
his hies 
hit height 	  
  hits heights
hypocritical hypercritical 
id I'd 
ill I'll   
ill aisle
  ills aisles 
is I's 
jib gibe 
  jibbed gibed 
  jibbing gibing 
  jibs gibes 
kin kine
kit kite
  kits kites 
knit knight 
  knits knights 
  knitted knighted 
  knitting knighting 
knitter nitre
lamplit lamplight 
lick like
  licked liked
  licking liking
  licks likes
lid lied
limb lime
  limbed limed
  limbs limes
limn lime
  limning liming 
  limned limed
  limns limes
lit light 
litter lighter 
  littered lightered 
  littering lightering 
  litters lighters 
live live
  lives lives
Liz lies
Lynn line
memories memorize
Mick Mike
mickle Michael 
mill mile 		   
  mills miles
milled mild 
  miller miler 
  millers milers 
millstone milestone 
  millstones milestones 	 
mints Mainz
miss mice
mitt might 
mitt mite
  mitts mites 
mix mikes 
monopolies monopolize
moonlit moonlight 
niff knife 
  niffs knifes 
nit knight
  nits knights
philosophies philosophize
pick pike
  picks pikes
pill pile
  pills piles 
pin pine
  pinning pining 
  pins pines
pip pipe
  pipped piped 
  pips pipes 
prim prime
  primmed primed 
  primmer primer 
  primming priming 
  prims primes 
privet private
quit quite
rhapsodies rhapsodize
rick Reich 
  ricks Reichs 
rid ride
  ridding riding
riff rife 
riffle rifle
  riffling rifling
  riffles rifles
rill rile 
  rills riles 
rim rhyme 
  rimmed rhymed 
  rimming rhyming 
  rims rhymes 
rip ripe
Ripley ripely
scrutinies scrutinize
shin shine
  shinning shining 
  shins shines 
sickle cycle 
  sickles cycles 
sin sign 		 
  sinned signed
  sinning signing
  sins signs	
sit cite
  sitting citing
  sits cites
sit sight
  sitting sighting
  sittings sightings 
  sits sights
skid skied
skillet skylight
  skillets skylights
slid slide
slim slime
slit sleight 
  slits sleights 	   
slit slight			 
  slits slights
  slitting slighting 
snip snipe
  snipped sniped 
  snipping sniping 
  snips snipes 
soliloquies soliloquize
spick spike
spin spine
  spins spines 
spinney spiny
spit spite
  spits spites 
  spitting spiting 
sprit sprite
  sprits sprites 
starlit starlight 
still stile 
still style
  stilled styled
  stilling styling
  stills stiles 
  stillest stylist
strip stripe
  stripped striped 
  strips stripes 
summaries summarize
sunlit sunlight 
sympathies sympathize
theories theorize
tic tike
tick tike
  ticks tikes
till tile 
  tilled tiled
  tilling tiling 
  tills tiles 
Tim thyme
tinny tiny
  tinnier tinier 
  tinniest tiniest 
tip type
  tipped typed
  tipping typing
  tips types
tit tight 
  tits tights 
titter tighter 
tittle title 
trip tripe
tryst triced 
twilit twilight 
twin twine
  twinned twined 
  twinning twining 
  twins twines 
tyrannies tyrannize
victual vital
  victuals vitals
viz vies 
whiff wife
whin whine		
  whins whines
whin wine
  whins wines
whip wipe
  whipped wiped
  whipping wiping
  whips wipes
whit Wight
whiz Y's 
will while 
willed whiled 
Willie wily
willing whiling 
wills whiles 
win whine
  winning whining
  wins whines
win wine
  winning wining
  wins wines
wind whined 
wind wind
  winding winding
  winds winds
writ right
  writs rights 
writ write
  writs writes
X's excise