Minimal Pair List Vowels 4 and 14, /æ/ versus / aɪ / 275 pairs

   Minimal pair: Vowels 4 and 14, /æ/ versus / aɪ / 275 pairs

The /æ/ vowel is spelled <a> followed by two consonants or by one consonant in a monosyllable, and exceptionally <ai> in plait and plaid . The / aɪ / diphthong is most often spelled <iCe> as in ice but also occurs as the letter I , <yCe> in rhyme , <igh> in high and <ei> in the loan word reich .

This contrast is between a short vowel and a diphthong, so it should not cause problems even though the starting position of the tongue is similar.

Taboo word pairs include craps/cripes .

Interesting pairs include:

aspic icepick
candour kinder
divan divine
harrowed highroad
latticed lightest
parrot pirate
sadder cider

The density value is 3.8%. The pairs make 144 semantic contrasts, giving a loading of 52.3%.

add I'd
addle idle
  addled idled
  addles idles
  addling idling
adds ides
Al I'll
alack alike
am I'm
arête irate
aspic icepick
ass ice
  asses ices
atom item
  atoms items
atomize itemize
  atomized itemized
  atomizes itemizes
  atomizing itemizing
avid ivied
babble Bible 
  babbles Bibles 
back bike
  backed biked
  backing biking
  backs bikes
bad bide
band bind
  banding binding
  bands binds
banned bind
bat bight
  bats bights
bat bite
  batting biting
  bats bites
bland blind
  blandly blindly
  blandness blindness
blander blinder
brad bride
  brads brides
bran brine
brat bright
can kine
candour kinder
canned kind
cat kite
  cats kites
Chad chide
clam climb
  clammed climbed
  clamming climbing
  clams climbs
clamour climber
  clamours climbers
cram crime
  crammed crimed
  cramming criming
  crams crimes
craps cripes
dad died
dam dime
  dams dimes
damn dime  
  damns dimes
Dan dine
divan divine
  divans divines
fan fine 
  fanned fined
  fanning fining
  fans fines  
fanned find
fat fight
  fats fights
  fatting fighting
fatter fighter
flat flight
  flats flights
gad guide
  gadded guided
  gadding guiding
  gads guides
gal guile
glad glide
gladder glider
gnat knight
  gnats knights
gnat night
  gnats nights  
gram grime
  grams grimes
grand grind
grander grinder
hack hike
  hacked hiked
  hacking hiking
  hacks hikes
had hide
Halle highly
hand hind
  hands hinds
harrowed highroad
has hies   
hat height
  hats heights
have hive
  haves hives
  having hiving
jab gibe
  jabbed gibed
  jabbing gibing
  jabs gibes
Jarrow giro
lack like
  lacked liked
  lacking liking
  lacks likes
lad lied
lam lime
  lams kimes
  lammed limed
  lamming liming
lamb lime  
  lambed limed
  lambing liming
  lambs limes
land lined
lass lice
lat light
latter lighter
latticed lightest
lav live
  lavs lives
ma'am mime
mac Mike
macro micro
  macrocosm microcosm
  macrocosms microcosms
man mine
  manned mined
  manning mining
  mans mines
manna myna
manna miner
manna minor
manner myna	   
  manners mynas
manner miner
  manners miners
manner minor
  manner minors
manned mind
mass mice
mat mite
  mats mites
mat might
matter mitre
  matters mitres
Max mikes
Nat knight
natter nitre
natty nightie
pack pike
  packs pikes
pad pied
pal pile
  palled piled
  palling piling
  pals piles
palate pilot
  palates pilots
palette pilot
  palettes pilots
pan pine
  panned pined
  panning pining
  pans pines
pant pint
  pants pints
pap pipe
parrot pirate
  parrots pirates
plaid plied
plait plight
  plaited plighted
  plaiting plighting
  plaits plights
pram prime
  prams primes
rack Reich
  racks Reichs
raffle rifle
  raffling rifling
  raffled rifled
  raffles rifles
rally wryly
ram rhyme
  rammed rhymed
  ramming rhyming
  rams rhymes
ran Rhine
rand rind
  rands rinds
rap ripe
rat right
  rats rights
  ratted righted
  ratting righting
rat write
  rats writes
  ratting writing
ratter writer
  ratters writers
ravel rival
  ravelled rivalled
  ravelling rivalling
  ravels rivals
sadder cider 
saddle sidle
  saddled sidled
  saddles sidles
  saddling sidling
salmon Simon
sand signed
sat cite 
shad shied
slam slime
slat sleight
  slats sleights
slat slight
  slats slights  
  slatted slighted
snap snipe
  snapped sniped
  snapping sniping
  snaps snipes
span spine
  spans spines
spat spite
  spats spites
  spatted spited
  spatting spiting
sprat sprite
  sprats sprites
strap stripe
  strapped striped
  strapping striping
  straps stripes
tack tike
  tacks tikes
tan Tyne
tan tine
  tanned tined
  tans tines
tap type
  tapped typed
  tapping typing
  taps types
tat tight
tatter tighter
tattle title
  tattled titled
  tattles titles
than thine
trad tried
trap tripe
undermanned undermined
unravelled unrivalled
unwrap unripe
valour viler
van vine
  vans vines
wrapper riper